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Palliative Care

Public and even healthcare professionals commonly misunderstand Palliative Care as Hospice Care. Primary Care Providers (PCP) are the frontline professionals caring for the patients who are chronically ill with declining trajectory as their diseases become incurable and progressive. It is very important that PCPs recognize palliative care needs of these patients and their families as well as to address those “basic” needs such as pain and symptoms management, discussion of goals of care and advance care planning in timely and effectively at point of care. It is also important to identify those whom may benefit from expertise by palliative specialists and to make appropriate and timely referral. The talk focuses on basic knowledge of palliative care and skills such as management of common symptoms and communication skills essential in addressing those needs in primary care clinical settings. The talk also provides strategies to prioritize competing issues during rather short primary care encounters and to address these issues effectively. To highlight clinical problems, case discussion format is used, and relevant evidence-based references are included.


Dr. Lamas will examine the thin border between life and death through real stories of patients whose lives were saved by modern medical technology. Her talk will also touch on the long-term consequence of survival faced by many coronavirus patients.