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Patients are increasingly turning to complementary and alternative medicine to augment their health. Pri-Med can help primary care clinicians stay up to date with the growing body of evidence on nutrition, vitamins, dietary supplements, herbal remedies, nutraceuticals, and acupuncture. Earn alternative medicine CME/CE credits with one of the free courses below. New to Pri-Med? Create your free account in less than 60 seconds and start earning credits now.

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The use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has become increasingly popular in the US and world-wide. Most patients in primary care want a clinician who inquires about their use of CAM, is knowledgeable about it, and, if necessary, refers to or collaborates with CAM practitioners.

PCPs would benefit from education on the physiological effects of CAM, efficacy in treating commonly encountered medical conditions, precautions or contraindications, and ways in which CAM can be incorporated into clinical practice.

Pri-Med provides education on 

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